Saturday, July 2, 2022

School is out - Now What


School is out - Now what?

Happy Canada Day - We have so much to be thankful for living in this great country. Getting caught up in negative politics, news, pandemic challenges, and other daily life issues can seem challenging. But when you get to your happy place with the incredible coaches and athletes, life is good. Happy Canada Day, everyone.

July and August Beach Session

We are into July; believe it or not, we are already into the second month of some beach training. A couple of spots are left in the beach training two-month session, which starts on July 5th. Do you want to play beach volleyball? Register today!

Beach Registration

Private Lessons Outdoors

We have placed some private lessons for those people with busy schedules but need to work on some skills. These sessions will happen on the beach courts or grass courts.

Private Registration

July Jump Training 

July Jump training which runs on the grass beside the beach courts on Tuesday and Thursday starts on July 5th and has a few spots left. It is the best thing you can do for your volleyball game. Sign up now to increase your vertical jump.

Jump Registration

Age 11-13 Volleyball Camp Outdoors

Age 11-13 Volleyball Camp Outdoors is rapidly approaching and has five spots left. It is a basic volleyball skill training camp..

Age 11-13 Registration

SMLW Outdoor Camp

Want to learn what it is like to play a position or perfect a role you already play in volleyball? The Setter, Middle Libero and Wing Hitter Camp (SMLW) is beginning of August and has a few spots left.

SMLW Registration

Making the Cut indoor Camp

Making the Cut Camp is almost full; we are still two months away, but the Junior side has a waitlist, and the Senior side has only ten spots left. Register now.

MTC Registration
The Academy does not supply volleyballs.  Every participant must bring their own ball to events.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Elementary School Making the Cut Camp CANCELLED

 I regret to inform all the Elementary school athletes that we will not be offering an Elementary version of the Making the Cut Camp this year. We have come to this decision due to a few factors; we do not have a coach who can run this part of the camp, and the enrolment in the other age groups requires the academy to make some hard decisions.  

We are offering some more spots in the 11-13-year-old outdoor basic skill camp, The Setter, Middle, Liberos and Wing Hitter camp, Private lessons, July and August Jump training, and the NexGen Setters September camps, which can all be accessed by the Elementary School athletes.

I refunded all the registration fees to the credit card and cancelled the registration. I apologize for this change and hope that we will see these athletes on the court again soon.

Age 11-13 Camp Outdoors


We have opened up a few more spots for this sold-out camp.

We have enough coaches to keep the ratio of coaches to athletes down where we like it.  The academy attempts to keep the ratio of coaches to athletes at 1 to 10.  We decided since we have enough coaches to increase the spaces, we will put up a grass court and two sand courts.  

Register quickly as we already had a waitlist who will have the first crack at the new spots.
Since I was sending this newsletter, I thought I would mention the Setters, Middle, Liberos and Wing Hitter camp which is happening at the beginning of August.   It too is filling up fast as the Making the Cut camp is darn near full so people are coming to this camp instead.  

Pick your position and get some awesome positional training.


Saturday, June 25, 2022

The busiest summer ever has begun.


The busiest summer ever has begun.

Sold out Summer events:

  • Advanced Beach 2 boys Monday and Wednesday
  • NexGen Setter Development
  • Advanced Beach 2 Girls Monday and Wednesday
  • Basic Beach 2s Training Tuesday and Thursday Group 1
  • June Jump Training 6:30-7:30 
  • Basic Beach 2s Training Tuesday and Thursday Group 2
  • Age 11-13 Volleyball Camp Outdoor
  • Private lesson July 12, 2-3 pm
  • Making the Cut Junior High School Team Group 1
  • Making the Cut High School Senior team

Summer events with Space:

  • Advanced and Basic Beach 2's July and August Only Monday and Wednesday
  • Private lessons
  • July Jump Training
  • SMLW Outdoor Camp
  • August Jump Training
  • Making the Cut Elementary School Team
  • Making the Cut Junior High School team group 2
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The reason why we are so busy!

Anyone who cannot figure out why the academy is so busy has never looked at the awesome level of coaches we employ.  

For example, check out the Setter, Middle, Libero and Wing HItter camp coaches

Toako Chie Imamura
Setter Coach
Chie as a player in 1990 played in the Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball Championship and won gold. She was awarded the best setter award. In 1991 she played in Women’s U20 World Championship and won bronze. She was awarded the best setter award. In 1990 and 1994 she played for the University of Tsukaba Women’s Volleyball Team. Tsukaba University was one of the top teams in Japan. In 1987 the Tsukaba University came to Saskatoon to play against the University of Saskatchewan and again in 1990 and Chie came with them. In 1994 Chie came to Saskatoon to be an assistant coach at the University of Saskatchewan. Since then, she has coached Club volleyball, High school volleyball, and Community volleyball and done individual practice in the province. By many, she is considered to be one of the best setter coaches in the province.
Crystal Torgunrud
Middle coach
Crystal played four years of volleyball as a middle blocker and power hitter with
the University of Saskatchewan. During this time she was a Canada West
Conference All-Star for 3 years, an All-Canadian for two years and was voted Player of the Year for Canada West in her final year. Crystal also played years of Senior Women’s and Co-Ed volleyball, where she won a national championship. She played on the Canadian Pro Beach (2’s) Tour for two years.

Crystal has coached off and on for the past 30 years and enjoys sharing her
knowledge of, and passion for, volleyball with those who are learning or mastering the skills of the game. She has coached in the provincial women’s program, at the high school level, and has experience as an independent volleyball clinician during summer throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta and the United States.
Shae Beaulieu
Libero Coach
As a player, I was a member of Team Sask for 4 consecutive years. As a libero, I played my entire USPORT career for the University of Saskatchewan Huskies from 2016-2022. I leave the program being second in career digs. I was academic all-Canadian multiple times throughout my student-athlete career. 

In terms of coaching, I have helped with several rural and urban camps. I have been involved in coaching ever since my first year of university and have helped with camps at Duck Lake, Humbolt, Caronport, & Bruno. I have also been an active coach within the Huskie Volleyball club, coaching at Huskie volleyball summer camps and was an assistant coach for the Huskie 15U team in 2018.
Leanne McGettigan
Wing Hitter Coach
As a player, Leanne competed at the provincial, university and national level. Her tenure with the Saskatchewan provincial team included 2 trips to Canada Games, a gold medal win in 1989 as well as a National title in 1988. In the summer of 1990, Leanne was also selected to play for Canada’s National B team. Leanne went on to play for the University of Saskatchewan for 3 years winning 2 conference titles, a silver medal at Nationals as well as individual all Canadian awards. Leanne finished her eligibility with the University of British Columbia earning a place on the all Canadian team. During this time Leanne completed a Masters in Human Kinetics specializing in Coaching science as well as graduating from the National Coaching Institute in Victoria with NCCP Level 4.
As a coach, Leanne has been involved with a number of developmental camps, elite level camps, provincial teams as well as assistant coaching with the University of British Columbia and the University of Saskatchewan including being mentored by some of the top coaches in Canada.
And if that does not convince you check out our Jump Training Coach.
Tamille Schuler
Jump Training Coach
At a fairly young age, I discovered the transformational power of fitness.  We have little control over which genes we are given, however, fitness can be a catalyst for change, helping us to embrace the genes we have (or don’t have) to become the best versions of ourselves. Are you short? We can work on strength so you can reach as high as your taller opponent. Tall? Let’s maximize your agility to move quickly across the court, making you more effective both in the front and back row. Feeling strong and driven is fiercely empowering.

Sport and fitness have always been a big part of my life. I played multiple sports at a high level. Competitive swimming taught me about endurance and commitment. Alpine skiing led me to become a ski instructor where I learned how contagious passion can be. Playing volleyball in college, I learned the true power of determination & attitude. Focusing on the things in my control - fitness, effort and desire to learn, I was able to help our team achieve many successes and was awarded “Most Improved Player” two years in a row.  

After college, I discovered my love for leading group fitness classes. It provided me with the social aspect and community that I valued (& missed) in team sports. I also enjoyed helping others to feel stronger, fitter and more powerful all while maintaining my own fitness levels. 

Now that I am a Mom, my focus has slightly shifted. I recently completed my NCCP coach training in volleyball.  Here, I discovered a new interest in sports performance. Learning about mental toughness and a positive mindset & how to combine that with physical fitness has become my new passion. 

My aim is to coach, support, inspire and energize athletes. My favourite mentor, Rachael Newsham, says, “embracing and overcoming challenges gives you an incredible boost of self-esteem.”  I hope to help young athletes discover the value of this for themselves.
The coaches above are five great reasons you should reserve your spots at the academy soon.
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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Announcing a New Camp


Announcing a New Camp

Check our the new Camp

The SMLW is a three-day camp - three hours a day.

This camp happens outdoors on four courts - two sand courts and two grass courts. This is a more advanced skill camp as it will not deal with the basics of each position it will be dealing with the application of the skill applied in each of the four positions - Setters, Middles, Liberos and Wing Hitters.

There will be four coaches involved, one for each of the groups

  • A setting coach who will look after the 12 setters
  • A middle coach who will look after the 12 middle players
  • A libero coach who will look after the 12 liberos
  • A wing hitter coach who will look after the 12 liberos.

The first-day three-hour session will have each of the four groups working separately on their positional instruction. i.e. all the setters on one court, all the middles on one court, all the wing hitters on one court and all the liberos on the final court.

On the second day, a three-hour session will have the setters working with the other three groups. i.e. four-setters working with three liberos on one court, four-setters working with middles, four-setters working with wing hitters.

The final day will have each of the four positions breaking up into groups of three. One of each will join the other three positions resulting in 12 players divided into the four courts. i.e. three-setters, three liberos, three middles and three wing hitters, making the two teams of six on each of the four courts.


Other stuff happening this Summer

All the beach training groups are full except for the July and August-only sessions.
July Jump training  has space
Age 11-13 Volleyball Camp Outdoors is full
August JUmp Training has space
Making the Cut Junior High School team Group 1 is sold out
Making the Cut HIgh School Senior team is sold out
Making the Cut Junior High School team Group 2 has five spots left
Making the Cut Elementary School team has four spots left

Don't wait or there might not be a spot for you.


Thursday, June 16, 2022

3 keys to identifying talent in tryouts


Along with volleyball skills, there are key traits that coaches should consider as they evaluate players in preseason tryouts. Terry Liskevych, a three-time USA Olympic coach who also coached collegiately at Ohio State, University of Pacific and Oregon State, pays close attention to these three in particular:

  1. Effort – Are they giving 100 percent in every drill from start to finish, or does their effort change based on the score or which players they are teamed with?
  2. Attitude – Lots to consider here, including:
    • How do they react to a mistake, a bad play by the team or a lost game or drill?
    • Is winning each drill or scrimmage important to them? You want athletes who are competitive, not flatliner players who are continually on cruise control.
    • Are they leaders? For instance, after a bad play, do they get everybody together, look them in the eyes and say, "Let's get the next one!" Or do they look down at the floor and say nothing?
    • Are they focused and making eye contact when the coach is talking?
    • Do they ask good questions?
    • Do they really "hear" what the coach is saying, then do it on the court?
  3. Work ethic – Similar to effort, but this involves a day in and day out mindset. It's important to have players who show up every day in practice and want to do what it takes to get a little better. Over the course of the season, it can be challenging to maintain a strong work ethic, but it's a quality that separates great players from players who are average 
Art of Coaching  - TryoutsPremium Content

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Limited Space - Have you registered to guarantee yours?


Limited Spaces!

Have you registered to guarantee yours?

Beach 2's Training

  • Started last week and one session has been done.  
  • Advanced Beach 2's Boys - room for one more team.
  • Advanced Beach 2's Girls - room for one more team
  • Basic Beach 2's Group one - room for one more team
  • Basic Beach 2's Group two - Sold out
  • Advanced and Basic Bach 2's July and August - room for one more team


Grab the last spots

NexGen Setter Development

It only has spots for two more athletes otherwise it is full.

Grab the last spots

June Jump Training

It only has spots for three more athletes otherwise it is full.

Grab the last spots

Age 11-13 Volleyball Camp Outdoors

This mini-camp is Sold out.

Grab the last spots

Making the Cut Camps

  • Making the Cut Elementary School team - Has space left
  • Making the Cut Junior High School team Group 1 - Sold out
  • Making the Cut Junior High School team Group 2 - Has space left
  • Making the Cut Senior High School Team - Has a few spots left but not for long.


Grab the last spots
I am seeking a bookkeeper/accountant to hire for the Canadian Elite Academy non-profit business. This is one of my weaknesses and I am looking for a person or business that might be able to help. If anyone knows of someone who is good at this can make a suggestion?
Accountant/Bookkeeper Suggestion