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November Ends December Begins

  November Ends December Begins Last November Session There is one skill session happening before the end of the month. Setters session On Tue, Nov 29, 7:00 - 9:00 pm, we have the first one-day setting session. Denise Chapman and Toako Chie Imamura, the setting coaches, will instruct for two hours. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from them. Register December Month Long Sessions 1.) NexGen Fundamental Development Grade 4-8 2.) NexGen Hitter Development 3.)December Jump Training 4.) NexGen Libero Development There are also some Open Gym Sessions December 2, 7-9 pm December 15, 7-9 pm Elementary School Athletes December 16, 8-10 pm High School Athletes Register for your December sessions now! Register Be Stronger Than Your Excuses Do not let yourself seek the excuses that will stop you from finding success. Success is small steps and takes time and effort. The academy is all about comparing yourself to your yesterday self. You need to work harder if you are not better today tha

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